“It happened and I am awake for the first time. Thank you for helping me get there. Life is more than what we think intellectually. The connection with spirit is what makes us feel. I had not been able to feel peace, joy,
and bliss ever because I did not want to feel the pain and let it go. I resented “god” because my child self felt like the church/religion stole my parents away from me as a child. Sending love to you and the universe.”

Social Worker, Father of Two

“Erick is an incredible therapist. He’s the only one to get through to my daughter and get our lives back.”

Divorced Single Mother of Two

“Mr. French is awesome, professional and at the top of his game. Thank you for giving us such a valuable piece to our puzzle.”

Single Mother of Two

“We feel like we can continue to make our family life a happy one. He has taught us to see things in a different way. He has enlightened us…”

Wife, Mother of Three

“…He truly listens to what I say, and has a keen sense of understanding about how I am feeling; many times more so than I do! He is an invaluable resource in helping each individual reach a greater understanding of themselves and the environment in which they operate. His insights have helped me to fully express myself and continue my path in becoming my best self.”

Corporate Executive

“…Erick has a gentle and nurturing nature, a unique way of reaching out and establishing rapport with clients thus empowering them…”


“How do we show our appreciation for the help you have given us, except to say – thank you. We feel like we can continue to make our family life a happy one. You have taught us to see things in a different way. You have enlightened us to our own feelings and taught us to understand how others feel when things are said out of anger. Erick, you will make a difference in this world because of who you are. I hope that it warms your heart to know that you made a difference in our lives. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. You know how I felt in the beginning and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to believe in your ideas. I wanted a quick fix, but you knew we all need some therapy to get through this. I’m glad I listened.”

Wife, Mother of Three

“Thank you so much for all your time and patience with us. You have been very special to our family. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time with you. We have grown as a family since your entrance into our lives. You will be dearly missed and first requested when we need another therapist. You’re an awesome guy and we are proud to know you.”

Wife, Mother of Two

“I think of you as my “experienced guide” and trust you to help me traverse the mountains to my ultimate spiritual goal of “God consciousness”, Spiritual Enlightenment and Self-awareness. Shalom.”

IT Corporate Director, Father

“I just wanted to let you know that the wisdom that you shared with me guides me daily and has helped me immeasurably. At first I pondered over it endlessly and it was a source of distress. Eventually I gathered the courage to allow myself to live your words and I’ve been much better for it. I wish you could see my little meditation area!”

College Student

“Thank you for all of the advice and help you gave our family the last few months. I’ve taught middle school for 10 years and thought I knew a little bit about teenagers. Ha. Was I wrong!! The times we talk to you, I left thinking… if I knew half of what he knows, I would be a much more effective teacher/Aunt… the times we talked with you were probably the only times we felt somewhat at peace. Thanks for everything!!”

Middle School Teacher

“Erick is a great therapist he listened to our feelings and problems. That he would help us to understand those feelings. He is the first therapist that has helped our family! He didn’t give up on our son…”

Secretary, Mother of Three

“Erick will be a great doctor someday. He was a life saver—literally.”

Professional, Mother of Three

“The service we received started out to help one child, but very quickly changed and the whole family was being helped—we all grew from this. Thank you.”

Working Mother of Two

“Erick you hold a special place in my heart. As I have thought about my group and my butterflying in and out, I’ve been struck by just how much impact it has had on me. To begin with, our group was my first real foray into being honest with myself and beginning to let go of fear that had crept in over the years. Each of you have had a tremendous impact on my life and I would not be here I am today without you. I have seen the divine in the authentic, sometimes messy, sometimes gorgeous love and caring that has been a hallmark of our group. As I have moved away from the group, I certainly carry with me the indelible impact of you amazing men in my life. Thank you all for your presence, caring, and authentic relationship. We shared wonderful and difficult things in love and I think we are all better for having done it. I am hoping to stay in touch with you as well.”

Psychotherapist, Father

“Erick, the Lion of the season who doesn’t need a reason to care, to rescue, or tell you the Truth by any means necessary. Erick, A modern day Spartan, whose crown of knowledge quietly belies his intellectual demeanor and spiritual eye. Erick, the sleepwalker, the sweet talker, whom those of whom he walks have not a clue to how in tune he is to you and your aura; as well as the horror of your presentation. Today, I Knight thee the crusader of social ills made right by a desire to rid all wrong. I Knight thee Sir Erick of Saint Louis!!!!!”

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Poet

“Thanks Erick, for your insight, it has been a tremendous help. God has given you a gift of wisdom, and a connection to the earth. You are very wise for a man your age. It is refreshing to hear you speak of life and love. You are teaching others how to enjoy theirs, what a gift you are giving us.”

Lawyer, Adoptive Mother

“Thank you my friend for choosing to be awake and conscious and sharing your gifts”

Registered Nurse, Single Mother

“…Warm tears streamed down my face. For the first time in a long time, maybe ever, so thankful for the tears. Why? Because I realized that I feel. I feel it all, the good, bad, and ugly. The joy, pain, and peace. Grateful for a man who taught me to feel again. After years of a closed heart and days, upon months, upon years of shoving it all down, I feel.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Mother

“I just want to take a moment out of the day and tell you “thank you.” You have given me a lot to think about I know I’m walking down a narrow road and things just need to change. You know the saying “you can’t keep doing the same things and expect different results.” Yes I have fallen into that trap and only I can change this, I need to walk down a different road or create a new one. I’m going to spend some time just soul-searching and really figure out how to take better care of myself and find my spirit again. What you made me realize is that I miss myself, I used to really like who I was… Somehow I’ve lost that and I need to find me again. There is so many things that I want to do and I need to start doing that not just think about them. Thank you again.”

Sales Executive, Adoptive Mother

“I want to thank you for everything you have done over the past seven months to help me to get to where I am right now. When I first came to you back in May, I had hit rock bottom and wasn’t sure of exactly what was wrong or of where I was going to go from there. You have helped me to realize so much about myself and taught me to look at me and life in a different way. Without your help, I really don’t think I would have been able to make the decision to take the next step…”

College Student

“I just wanted to thank you again for spending your time with us because listening to you was really inspiring. Lately I have been bummed out about not being able to find the “perfect” job, but last night you reminded me just how passionate I am about this field. I’m usually in a hurry to achieve everything I want in life that i forget to enjoy the journey. Listening to your journey reminded me to not rush through everything and appreciate each part of this life long process. It is so refreshing to listen to someone talk about self care and how that influences therapy because I too think that is SO important. Anyway, I hope you will speak like this again when asked because it was truly uplifting.”


“You pull me away from cigs and booze. You pull me towards source and to my true reality. Thank you. You may not like it when I “praise” you but this is how I am telling you…you are my Guru.”

College Student

“…she is doing fabulous. I never thought our family could have such a wonderful vacation together….this was definitely a first, and will be a memory I cherish forever. I feel good about where she is living. Her stress level is high right now, but I do hope that all will continue to fall into place. I think of you so often, appreciating all you have done for us, and the daughter we now have back again. We have definitely been blessed.”

Professional, Mother of Two

“I just wanted to call you and tell you thank you very much for taking such good care of all my patients. All these kids really love you and really care for you, and feel that you have been supporting them and helping them a lot. I just finished seeing Stephen and Matt as well, in general all of them really appreciate you and I have not taken the time to call and thank you and I just wanted to do that. So thank you for taking such good care of all these kids. Bye. I hope you have a good, good day, bye.”

Local Psychiatrist

“Thank you soooo much. Today was very liberating. Boy sure didn’t think would be going there. You have a very special gift. I am so glad you have come into my life to help me on this journey. I don’t know how to put into words what you are doing to help me, so I’ll just say thanks from the bottom of my heart.”

Mother of Three, On treating Mind Body Issues

“He is AN INCREDIBLE person…and I consider him a very good friend and he helped to save my sanity, my marriage etc. that’s all I will ever say about this.”

Corporate Executive, Father of Four

“Well it’s official, I have taken out a loan to invest in myself. I am full of emotions about this. Some good and some bad. Through it all i remember on thing. I am very thankful for you Erick. Without your love and support I could not have done this. I hope someday I can show you how much this means to me.”

College Student

“I hope you enjoy and gain as much insight form this book as I have from you. It seemed fitting to send a copy to you in order to express my deep respect and admiration throughout these many years of knowing you. You are so much more that a “counselor” but more like a prophetic good Samaritan that refused to walk by…despite the challenges of remaining with me to complete this journey…whenever and wherever that might be.”

Father, Corporate Executive


SAGE Testimonials


“I couldn’t thank God any more than I already have, for leading me on this life path. My heart will be eternally grateful to you. Your tools and guidance have been my greatest asset in beginning this healing journey. I
know there is so much work yet to do, and I look forward to continuing my growth.”

SAGE Student

“Meeting you has been a tremendous healing gift for me. Thank you for your generous heart, your integrity and for doing this powerful work.”

SAGE Student

“There are not enough words to express my gratitude for the gifts you are teaching me to give myself. You are gentle but assertive, and have allowed me to experience my world in entirely new ways. I am not scared of taking
risks…thank you for being brave with your life so you can teach me and others to be brave with ours…”

SAGE Student

“I can not begin to express my gratitude and thank you for being in my life! You are a God send to me and I can see everyone in this group. Thank you for showing me what Real Therapy looks like!”

SAGE Student

“Where do I start? I sat down this afternoon to reflect and review the weekend. I had “Long Time Sun” in my head so I looked it up and started playing it. I teared up immediately with an overflow of emotion, As I began to journal about the hypno session I again teared up. I may never comprehend what an impact this weekend has had on me. I am so, so grateful to have experienced it and want to stay in this space til the day I die.
Thank you for doing this incredible sacred healing work, and for creating a safe home for our “tribe”. The impact of this weekend continues to echo throughout my mind, body and spirit. What an incredibly profound awakening. This is the hardest work I have ever done, though curiously I feel more present and alive than I have in a very very long time.”

SAGE Student

“Wow…what can I say….that was on one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had!! I was in awe watching you all weekend…..navigating, leading, guiding and helping all of us gain power and understanding of ourselves!! You truly are a great teacher full of love, compassion and kindness. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and your heart with me this weekend and for inviting me to share mine! I am forever grateful!”

SAGE Student

“I felt so connected, safe, loved and at peace during my time at the retreat. The experience is like no other and has helped transform me into more of who I really am and who I want to be in life! You are in good hands with Erick and the other staff. Everyone is compassionate, kind, and caring and genuine. I would highly recommend SAGE!”

SAGE Student

“SAGE is very difficult to put into words. It is very earth shattering. I learned more about myself in those 5 weekends than I could ever imagine. It has helped me immensely in my journey of health. It is joy, sorrow, tears, laughter, friendship. I would totally recommend it to anyone even remotely considering attending. It is an experience you will never regret.”

SAGE Student

“Thank you for leading me/us…teaching me to fly…by watching you soar. Witnessing your growth, servant leadership and compassion helps me see what is on my horizon more clearly. I don’t yet have it fully in hand…but…it is within reach.”

SAGE Student

“Thank you much for your love, guidance, teachings and encouragement…I really allowed myself to receive what has always been present.”

SAGE Student

“You stayed with me, you had patience, acceptance, support, trust in me…when I was confused. You didn’t yell. I felt your presence…but u didn’t tell me what I should do. You believed that I would get there. You didn’t try to rescue me…or take the reigns from my hands with patience. You didn’t tell me what I should think. I got there…with your incredible gift of intuition and guidance. I can’t thank you enough. I’m just so grateful.”

SAGE Student

“Erick and Barb, Thank you so much for the SAGE experience. I can’t imagine what amount of preparation and psychic energy it requires. I hope the results for the participants recharge you!”

SAGE Student

“Eventually a dear friend gave me the name of a therapist who has become one of my all time favorite spiritual teachers & healers. Part of his healing technique involves group sessions of intense therapy. It was during
these sessions where I first participated in a sharing circle. It is a very healing sacred experience. The impact of this experience was so profound that last Thanksgiving I decided to bring this medicine to my own family. (As an echo of our old family meeting days) I asked my husband and the kids if they would sit in a circle me and share the highlights of their year and what they were grateful for, since everyone of them was living in a different city. We each took a turn and when it was my husband’s turn, “angel in hand” he shared that he was falling in love again. There were a lot of joyful tears in our family circle. Opening up and being honest with our kids, allowed them to drop in and share from their hearts. The message was unequivocal for all of us, what we were most grateful for was the love and support that our family shares with another. We are blessed.**..Community was there is the form of counseling and group therapy; it has been there is the form of friends, family… All I know about Community is that it holds medicine for the soul. Maybe it is as simple as making a meal for a sick friend, lending an ear to a lonely person, serving our sisters and brothers with kindness, compassion, and acceptance… These are the vital parts of community that make us feel safe and healthy. Because it is very clear to me that: If there is a message for you to take with you is that you are never alone for where two or more are gathered there I am in your midst.”

SAGE Student

“Thank you for encouraging me and for helping me arrive at this point in my learning where I can speak up to be seen and heard. This is such a humbling journey…”

SAGE Student

“Thank you for running what was apparently a magical weekend. He came home so happy and serene and filled with purpose! It’s incredible to see him see his potential.”

SAGE Student

“If you are making deliberate and conscious decisions to improve your​ life and overcome obstacles, and have to pick just one practice that will have the most far reaching impact, choose SAGE. Words cannot describe the profound effect it can have on every aspect of your life when you actively participate in this process. It integrates what you already know and have done, with possibilities you may have not even considered, empowering you to live more fully the life you have chosen.”

SAGE Student

“SAGE is a life altering experience. It gives you an opportunity to be real and honest with yourself in a safe,nonjudgmental environment. You will be guided and supported by therapists who really care and want you to succeed. Your weekends will be hard work. Prepare for intensity but also enlightenment. I was a resistant participant who was lovingly guided toward self awareness. Take the chance on yourself. You are definitely Worth It. Thanks to Erick,Barbara,Teresa and Don. My life will never quite be the same.”

SAGE Student

“I would urge anyone who is searching for self-awareness to accept this profound life-changing journey. SAGE is a powerful and transformative healing experience for your mental and emotional wellbeing. It is an invitation to heal your past, and create a lasting heart-centered existence. It is both terrifying and exhilarating to discover the power of a Self-love, Self-respect,and Self-acceptance. I am deeply grateful to Erick for inviting me to take this incredible healing journey.”

SAGE Student

“I thought I’d give you a little feedback on last weekend man… I really liked it! And it’s a really strange thing… But I’m f****** happy man!!! Feels like somebody lifted a slab a highway off my back! Hell man I’ve been singing louder than I have sang in memory, able to hit every octave I want to hit…dancing…and I don’t dance! Just wanted to say thanks bro!”

SAGE Student

“Wow…thank you soooo much! And a very happy New Year to you my friend. This has been a life changing year. However, those words seem a bit perfunctory and blissful..at the same time. It is exciting to say, I am a better person from the SAGE experience. When you not only come face to face with yourself…but with your soul. With the support of the tribe, you are able to see how events from your past, have wounded your body and soul. And as I now know, the body doesn’t forget. You taught me it is possible to put the “right medicine” on those wounds, with a corrective healing experience…so that they are truly healed, they no longer intrude into my life today. I feel like I found several missing buried parts of myself. Pricelessly grateful my friend…”

SAGE Student

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