July 6th, 2016

medicine for debt pic

Our experience of debt is the result of the fear of not having enough. Our emotional congestion causes us to congest energetically in our lives. Driven by fear of scarcity we make head-in-the-sand choices which inevitably leave us with more to fear. We choose immediate gratification over delayed investment. We spend frivolously. We unconsciously gorge ourselves with relief now, for fear of it never coming later. We stifle our creativity with hurry and worry and avoidance.

Abundance flows. It is running water that is safe to drink. The stream has days of trickle and days of torrent. Stagnation only occurs when movement ceases. Money is our material representation of energy. Keep your waterways open. Stare down your fear. Sooner is better than later. Look it right in the eye. There is great self affirming dignity, courage and humility in acknowledging one’s real predicament.

If you have a large bill, make some kind of payment. Nothing that breaks you. Something that makes you feel strong. When you make a payment, however nominal, the energy is moving. You know it’s moving and therefore are no longer stuck in the fearful pit of not having enough. By making the little payment you keep the trickle flowing. This supports you in your integrity because you know you are doing what you can. You value the little bit of energy you have which you know is maintaining the way for more. Making the small payment is valuing and honoring yourself. It is a way to practice valuing and honoring what you have received and those who have given. It is a practice of gratitude.